Enterprise Solution

It doesn't matter to us how high or small you are, it really doesn't.

TakeStock EPOS is scalable; it can work on a single PC dealing with cash only. It can run over a network with dozens of tills.

There is even a multi-site version.

TakeStock EPOS

Everything you do will revolve around your TakeStock EPOS database.

So from simple stock checks, to detailed sales reporting analyses, everything within the system has been simplified for both ease of use and productivity.


And so to Web

With more and more companies fighting for business, you can take full advantage of website selling.

TakeStock EPOS can self generate virtually your entirenew e-commerce website with near enough no user input from yourself.


With built in Onscreen help via our very own Helpful Harry and printable user guide books - getting to grips with all the features offered by the TakeStock EPOS application will be as simple as 'abc'.

And now the iPhone

We've all seen them, these people who rave the latest gadgets - well don't panic.

TakeStock EPOS now self generates its own i-Catalogue system suitable for mobile phones, including:

  • iPhones, Blackberry's,
  • HTC's and Smartphones

All at the touch of a button

GIGO Statement

"I can always remember my grandad not understanding why we use computers. He always argued that 'Garbage in - Garbage out'.

And to be fair, if your data is full of garbage then it's true that is all you will ever get out.

However, with the right software, with the correct developers, you can produce some amazing applications and not only have an application that pays for itself, but can also bring you new business.

TakeStock EPOS does just that. the run of the mill tasks are automatically performed , the time consuming jobs are simplified, staff are left to sell to customers, owners are left to run their business.

TakeStockEPOS allows you to gain new orders from new sources via your very own website or even via the latest development of the i-Catalogue for mobile phones

So grandad.... it's not just 'garbage in - garbage out!"


Market analytics

So... how do you keep track?

You're buying, you're selling, you're managing you staff, you're shop.

Who is keeping an eye on the market?

TakeStock EPOS is... it boosts weekly sales trend reports, mostly sales reports, and many more.

Maximize revenue

It is very simple, if TakeStock EPOS can manage your stock, can accurately value your stock, can automatically produce re-order lists for you then that leaves you to:

  • Contact Supplies - pressure them for better discounts, knowing your past spends with them,
  • Handle returns better - chase credit notes that haven't been given.

And many more.

Reach new customers

Grab sales with ease.

Via.....The World Wide Web.

Via.....Google SEO Rankings

Via......Customers Mobile Phone