Meet Harry...

It's impossible to remember everything - so don't panic.

We've thought of a solution, TakeStock EPOS features a rather 'nifty' feature - press F1.

It's always a pain, taking on new staff, training them, or even just trying to remember - so press F1 and print off your own help guides!

Helpful Harry - which resides in TakeStock EPOS - is there every step of the way. Simply read up on the function you are trying to use, then print out your very own manual. Single pages, Full chapters or even the entire manual! - It's your choice...

What people say about us

"Takestock EPOS is so easy and simple to use. I use it for my company and will never look back on what a brilliant, easy and very affordable choice I have made. As the saying goes, they definatly are 'Giving you Total Control of your Business'."

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